30 March 2010



I am drawn to texture and light patterns. I enjoy looking for compositions in shadows. I feel trapped inside by the rain, and the business of this time of year at school. Hopefully, I will get out tomorrow, as it is supposed to be much nicer.

29 March 2010



Subtle colour texture and value. I tried several different shots with variety of apertures, bringing the wall more (or less) into focus, shifting the balance, but only one image had the "green strip" of the wainscot at the bottom. It is odd how such small elements really matter.

Thanks to everyone who has commeted lately. It really helps to know that people are watching, and find this interesting. Does anyone know how to respond via email to comments?

28 March 2010


roast veg.

I really enjoyed the contrast of the roasting pan, and the vegetables in this shot... no worry that I was supposed to be getting ready to go over to the neighbors with part of the dinner. Sometimes art has to take precedence.

27 March 2010



A cold Saturday in the park, and I was out with my homemade tilt and shift lens.

26 March 2010


blue ball

I was playing with a friends little daughter today, and had some fun. Sometimes rounded primary colored toys are so inviting.

25 March 2010



An old shed in our neighborhood helps me find more texture, and pattern. Sometimes I get frustrated. I would like to do photography with my students, but our the art department doesn't have the resources for the any digital cameras. Shame, it would be such a great way to teach composition, and the elements and principles of art with shots like this. I just have to keep trying...

24 March 2010



We went out for a walk today, and I figured I would make a gradual reintroduction of color today. I like the difference in textures.

23 March 2010



Yesterdays homage to Andre Kertesz had me thinking in black and white. Something I don't do enough of.

Sometimes color is extraneous at best, or worse a distraction. I am trying to deliberately set up my shots to have color (or the lack of) matter. No matter how compelling the subject is, if it is not photographed "intentionally" it will be little more then a document showing an event. Likewise, intentionally applied observation of light and color and elevate even the most humble subjects.

22 March 2010


Spork, 2010

Throughout history artists have examined the accomplishment of their predecessors by copying from the origional art. This was seen as an "homage to the Masters" and was considered a serious study of art. Photography does not share this tradition to any large degree, and I think that is a detriment.

21 March 2010



I have been wondering if my imagery is to varied, not focused, or too eclectic lately. However, I just got a book about my favorite photographer Andre Kertesz and realized why I like his work so much. He has such a tremendous range of work. From figurative,  candid's,  architecture,  still life, to abstract and more. He was never boxed in by a style.

20 March 2010



A simple contrast of texture, value, color with the sole intent of capturing a feeling. Today we went to join a pickup game of soccer at the park. The boys had a great time, and I think this shot captures the feeling of anticipation for more warm weather to come.

19 March 2010


artificial lights

Sodium vapor, neon, fluorescent, incandescent....a symphony of artificial light. I just tried to forget about white balance, and looked for the most varied combination of colors. I prefer the city at night for this very reason.

18 March 2010



Line, texture, value, color, shape....it is what I teach on a daily basis. So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I see those elements combine to form compositions as I walk around, but sometimes I am.

17 March 2010


gas meters

The strong sidelight and the contrast of textures make this work for me. I was going to take shots of people, but couldn't stand the noise, or chaos of the first day at our local ice cream place.

16 March 2010



Today was the nicest day we have had in two weeks, and the firs time I saw blue sky and sun for days. So why didn't I go out and photograph that?

I just felt like playing about with the polychromed embossed aluminium again today. Maybe I will keep to this for a few days just for something different. It helps me work out composition instead of "finding" it.

15 March 2010


the crumbling bits

Genevieve is afraid that everyone will think our house is decrepit because all I photograph are the worn, cracked, peeling, or decaying bits. Honest it isn't such a mess, but when you are focused in on details you can loose sight of the whole picture... kinda like life.

Thank you to everyone who has been commenting lately. I wish I knew how to reply via email to comments. It is nice to know that people are interested in what I am trying to do.

14 March 2010


view from a bedroom

Grey, texture, pattern... It is the view out of my childhood bedroom window. A view I could draw from memory to almost infinitesimal detail. Yet it looks new upon closer examination (to me).

13 March 2010


so blue

Simple line, and color. I wonder is it a cop-out to take such a simple image. But sometimes "simple pictures are best".

12 March 2010



Shopping provides opportunity to wander about and photograph. The spy globe caught my eye, but I like the lines created by the ceiling grid, lights and suspension chains as well.

11 March 2010


beaker of tea

I like the grain, cool light, and rounded forms of this shot. I had toyed around with making it B&W but realized the complimentary colors of the cup -vs- background were what drew me to shoot this in the first place.

10 March 2010


locked out

I was looking for simple forms that caught the fading afternoon light, but only ended up taking this one shot. It just seemed right.

I like that I am better able to concentrate and compose images better lately. To see the compositional elements of a scene more concisely.

09 March 2010


window box

It is so nice to be able to go out and walk without being bundled up, and having frozen hands (I find it difficult to wear gloves and shoot).

Spring has arrived (I hope) and we went for a short walk before supper. I liked the decorative edge of this flower box, compared to the texture of the siding and wood. There wasn't much to see IN the box, but hopefully that too will change soon.

08 March 2010


reflection - lamp

I did a whole series of pinhole shots today, and didn't like any of them. I just happened to look into the living room to see this. The late afternoon sun was reflecting off my neighbors house, through our side window, through a doorway and into this room. Shimmering, and strange against the smooth wall.

07 March 2010



Today was Genevieve's opening at the Radius Gallery, and the PA State Museum. She did a great job!

I took some shots of the kids as we were waiting while she displayed talked to people about her work.

06 March 2010



I am drawn to graphic scenes for some reason. The dynamics of the shadow cutting across the sidewalk and wall. The texture contrasts between the smooth wall, carts and half letters.

05 March 2010


warm wood

The sun is finally begginning to warm the world here as spring aproaches.

The afternoon sun streaming in catching the lines, and patterns of this chest of drawers caught my eye.

On another exciting note. Genevieve has an opening this weekend at the Pennsylvania State Museum, Radius Art Gallery: Sunday, 7 March, 1:00pm - 3:00pm.

04 March 2010



I have a set of "close-up" lens' and wanted an excuse to use them. A student today reminded me of a lesson I once did involving popcorn, so I thought that would be a worthy subject.

There is a good bit of distortion if I stack the lens (+1, +2, +4) but I am not aiming for "clarity", or scientific percision. I like the alsost graphic nature of the popped kernl, and even like some of the "artifacts" created by the low cost lens.

I am enjoying how each day I am being challenged to do something... having a goal to create, even one this nebulous, is good.

03 March 2010



More light - long exposure experimentation. I am trying to avoid the typical, blurry people, car tail-lights, trails, type of long exposure. I want to seek out different colors/types of light to compare. Incandecent, flourescent, halogen, etc. they each have a different colors, and I am looking for areas where they converge.

02 March 2010


pipes - crumbling wall

Another long exposure shot resulting in some slight blurring and interesting light effects. The texture of the crumbling wall contrasting with the metal pipe caught my attention.

I had played with adding other light sources, but found it too manulaptive.

01 March 2010


standing in the hall

Another attempt at long exposure to see how it shifts the light color/tone. However, my model, and my hand were not as steady as I had planned. I couldn't use a tripod on the steps very easily, and decided to try and rest the camera on the floor and prop it up to keep it steady...

Movement - a happy accident.

Claire had some "out of focus" images on her site which I found quite nice. I have done a bit of pinhole, blur, and out of focus images in the past, so I am happy with these results.

Good colors, mixed in the background. All I did after the image was shot was adjust the white balance, which as quite off.