31 July 2010


beads and turtles

I was doing some product shots today for Genevieve's blog. The contrast of textures and colors work nicely with her style.

30 July 2010


big and little

This is what happens when you try to make the camera do something it doesn't want to do. Sometimes I miss the fun I had with film. Chemistry allowed me to experiment more, or it at least felt more experimental. Shooting E6 slide film, but processing it C4, or push processing B&W way past it's normal limit left me wondering what I would get, if anything. I guess I need to start playing more with the setting on my camera to see where that takes me.

29 July 2010



This is to show you how my brain works. The boys are watching "The Waltons" and their dog Reckless chased a skunk into the house so they had to sleep in the barn.

So why did I decided to take a photograph of flowers?

I thought, dog, chase, skunk, woods, Bambi and then "Flower", a bit circuitous.

28 July 2010



I am fascinated by the variety found in just a single tree, colors, contrast, texture. This almost give me a sense of vertigo, is that good or bad?

27 July 2010


mackerel sky

I have to credit Genevieve for finding this. She was out and noticed the moon and the clouds and I went out to see it. I had to climb on top of our play-set lay on its roof to get the picture I wanted. I wonder how I would have explained it to the ER if I fell....uhhh I was 12' up on top of the swing-set in the dark and slipped....

26 July 2010



I went looking for contrast of value, and shape today. This jumped out at me because of the difference between outside, and in, as well as the curves and straight lines.

25 July 2010


ema: dots again

I am trying again with the pierced aluminum/pixel art imagery. This time the size of an ACEO to test the difference in hole sizes and their effect on the image (this has seven different sizes).

I am working towards making larger images, with a back-light display. Reinterpreting/deconstructing, and then reconstructing my photographs using light as the medium.

Though I have to give credit, this is a self-portrait of my daughter.

24 July 2010



Our neighbors came back from Maine today and we all went down the street for ice cream.  It has been so hot lately, that I am looking for anything cool to distract me. I like the contrast between the greens and the purples.

23 July 2010


ragged island: revisited

Playing with fluorescent paint, and a black light. Taking my image from Matinicus (post 190).

It was painted under black light alone. Then photographed three times. Black Light, White Light and Black Light, and White light alone.

22 July 2010


color test

I am back... We had left on vacation on 3 July, and returned on the 16th, but I have been busy with many things and have had trouble getting back to posting. I have not been idle, just busy. I posted all the work for the missing days, enjoy...

I am trying to experiment with fluorescent paints, and really enjoyed the patterns of my test sample. Does something need to be intentional to be considered art?

I don't think so.


old maids lace

The heat has taken over, and everything seems to crave rain.



Lines, value, shape. Simplicity.



Genevieve found this on the beach. I wonder if it is it a whale? 



Trying to keep this simple, and get a handle on things at home.



Coming home reminds me of how much stuff there is in our lives. Stuff, noise, information, more stuff... Islands condense, concentrate and focus your attention, and feelings, relationships, and attitudes. It is hard to readjust.

Should I?



Happy feet!

After a 11 hour drive.


this is the sea

We left the island on 15 July. The view from the front (bow) of the ferry was amazing. The mist made the horizon disappear. I guess I could have referenced U2 instead...


two bush island

But I couldn't see ANY bushes on it?


still life

It was too rainy to go out, so as the boys watcher The Waltons on tv I gathered some of the treasures we found to paint.



My kids run away when I point the camera at them... but I did manage to get a smile this time.


blue but not blueberries

A wet walk in the fog to the east side of the island, and we found these little gems. I wonder what they are?


view from the rocks at markey beach

I like working outside, but sometimes waves are not cooperative. I almost got soaked painting from this rocky outcropping...


ragged island

To the east of Matinicus is Ragged Island, you can see it across the way from south sandy beach. I finished this and a local dog walked over it... he did it no harm, but I guess he showed me what he thought.


carin, south sandy beach

Matinicus can be a foggy place, and many of the people we met were a little dismayed about it. I found it quite interesting. You could watch the fog bank roll in towards you, and sometimes you would be in a mist, but it was still sunny... very odd.


matinicus peapod

I had the chance to paint while we were there. The small sailboat is a peapod. Nat Hussey is doing "zero carbon" lobstering with this traditional boat.


matinicus harbor

I kept returning to the harbor to shoot, it was a fascinating place.


view from markey beach

This is one of two sandy beaches on Matinicus. Markey beach is at the norther end of the island.


red boat, matinicus harbor

We arrived on the island on the 4 July, after a two hour boat trip from Rockland. Three years ago we had thought about coming here, but we decided that it was too remote. Amusing since then we went to St. Helena...

This is one of (or the only) harbor in Maine that only has working boats in it, there are no "pleasure craft". Matinicus has no paved roads, restaurants, or hotels, and only one "gift shop", a store, and a bakery.

But it does have an airport.


side walk, wiscasset maine

I am finally posting after a long break without internet... We went to Matinicus Island, Maine. On the way up we stopped in Wiscasset, one of our favorite towns, and the setting sun was captivating.

02 July 2010


goodbye Jimmy

A friend of ours died suddenly this past Sunday, and this week has been hard.

We are leaving tomorrow to go on vacation to the island of Matinicus Maine. We do not know whether we will have internet access, so I cannot say that there will be any updates until we get back, but I will be creating, and will post for the missing days when we get back.

01 July 2010


the cone of....