31 January 2010



Light, shadow, and color.

I have been contemplating doing a series of "restricted" images. Limiting the setting of the photos in order to force me to explore my environment more carefully. Perhaps creating three images in each of the rooms of our house. That would be 11 rooms, including attic and basement (excluding hallways). I'm not sure yet though....

30 January 2010


snow - snow

I haven't been watching the news much, or the weather for that matter, and did not realize that we were to be getting snow today. A few flakes were coming down, and my daughter asked if it was going to amount to much, as we went to the grocery store....I said no, I don't think so...when we came out there was two + inches all over everything...oops.

I went out to shoot the old dogwood tree in our yard. I was looking for stark trees against the cloud flattened sky. The bent, twisting dogwood was just perfect.

The wisteria in the yard also provides nice texture, and tone, compared to the snow.

I think both shots depict the cold nicely (for those view from more southerly climates..)

29 January 2010



This is one of my newest endeavors. Genevieve bought me a mandolin for Christmas, and now I am learning how to play it. I keep thinking of it as a tiny upside-down guitar. To that end, I thought it would be a good idea to learn how to play Jack Johnson's "upside down" as one of my first songs.

I like the shallow depth of field, blur and ambiguity of the body shape in this shot. I had several others today that looked like the cover of a music book, however, I was trying to find something a bit more abstract.

28 January 2010


cute little cement plant

An experiment today. Using my homemade tilt and shift lens. This is a view of our local cement plant. The nice strong sideways light of the afternoon helps the effect caused by the lens. I need to try this with a little more altitude. Getting above the subject makes things look even more "toy-like". I noticed an all state insurance commercial that uses this same effect now, shame....

27 January 2010


flood stage

I teach near the Susquehanna river and heard that it was going to be a foot or two above flood stage today, and decided to go and take a look.

I found a student of mine fishing in the cold- he hadn't caught anything.

I've always like the reflection of trees on water, it is soothing yet dynamic. 

26 January 2010


toes, woodwork

My daughters toes, and the woodwork on our porch seem to echo each other in shape.

25 January 2010



I spent the day at teachers in-service training. It was very difficult to hear the presenter because we were in a gymnasium. The sound system sounded like talking underwater. However, I found I could concentrate better if I eliminated other distractions by doodling.

There is little in the way of composition, or design in this, but it did help me be able to stay in touch with what I was supposed to be listening to.

24 January 2010


trees, birthday, piano

I went driving about in the rain, and fog. It is better than snow, and freezing cold, but less "lively" then yesterdays visit to the mall. I shot a bunch of gloomy images of fog, and wet farms, but decided to show the stark trees I found.

Genevieve's Birthday is today, the shot was right after she blew out the candles. The actual exposure was completely black, this is what I "recovered" with adjusting brightness, black level, and fill light. I am amazed that there is anything there at all.

And Benjamin practicing piano, just me snooping around again.

At least I have people today... 

39°44'19.77"N 76°44'30.20"W

23 January 2010


A trip to the Mall

We went to the lego store today, and on the way I decided to photograph the exterior of the mall. Taking my camera was a habit I had gotten out of, but am glad I am now turning that around.

I notice that the images posted here are almost devoid of people, I need to work on that.

39°09'17.61"N 76°43'34.04"W

22 January 2010


Chair and Lace

I was shooting with my homemade tilt and shift lens (see picture of Genevieve on the beach on 16 January). It makes an interesting close-up lens. The effect of making normal scenes look like toys does not always occur with small objects, but the strange way that its focus shifts can be interesting.

21 January 2010


and now for something....

ACEO/ATC: Polychromed, embossed, aluminum.

As an art teacher I teach the Elements and Principles of Art on a daily basis, and enjoy watching kids explore design.

I like creating these small, abstract, compositions. Working with only line, shape, form and color is delightful, and a great distraction from the busyness of my general day. Without the worry of a "subject" I feel free to mess about, and PLAY. Something that I think may adults don't do enough of.

20 January 2010



This image fits my mood today. I am tired of the cold, and grey of winter (and it has really only begun).

19 January 2010


Just Walking Around.

One of my professors in college had an assignment where he had all his photography students take photos in a vestubile area of the art building. Students had to create a series of images that had to be taken in this 5'X10' area. It forced the students to be creative in a limited environment.

That is where I am in a small way. I have been shooting around town for a bunch of these postings, and am trying to find interesting images, in things I see everyday.

39°44'16.16"N 76°42'06.89"W
39°44'23.06"N 76°42'03.28"W

18 January 2010



I went to for a bit of a walk today. I always like construction sites, and found the reflections off the puddles, and the texture of the mud interesting. I am fascinated by the contrast between the mud road (zig-zagging through the site) and the cargo box, and pipes.

I didn't play with the color. I like the almost Black and White quality of the whole scene, puncuated by little shots of color

 39°45'03.74"N 76°35'37.31"W

17 January 2010


Rain, Rain...

We went away for the last few days, to the beach. But today was horrid rain, wind and cold. Still we managed to have fun, and it was quite enjoyable.

We went to Cape May, NJ, and rode the ferry to Lewes DE. The water was a bit rough, but nothing compared to heading against the trades on the way to Cape Town.

Another "window" shot.

38°56'04.48"N 74°55'44.60"W

16 January 2010


A Day at the Beach...in January.

Cold, desolate, quiet, relaxing, eerily captivating. Wildwood NJ was like being in a world without people. No traffic on the streets, or boardwalk.

38°59'06.37"N 74°48'37.80'W

15 January 2010


Susquehanna River

Went south this evening. Nice rocks, and sunset.

39°37'08.30"N 76°08'04.53"

14 January 2010


Cold - View

Well it is actually getting warmer out today, but I still am not overly fond of the temperature out there 8.5°C.

I like looking across the roof-lines and comparing the various angles with the curve of the tree limb.

13 January 2010


The Little Houses - Evening

I originally wanted to do a drawing of these little wooden houses, and trees. However, I liked the light coming in the front window and decided to photograph instead. It wasn't strong light, but had a nice tone to it.

Plus I got to play with the new 35mm lens, and decided to add some grain by increasing the ISO.

With film I would like to have shot E6, push processed with C41 to change the color saturation. With digital I could mess about with saturation, and color settings to get a similar effect. However, I don't really like to play that way. It seems too easy, and there is no "surprise" when you make the contact sheet to see what you get (as there was with film).

One thing I may start doing is limiting the number of shots I make per session, and turning off the preview on the LCD. Then I won't really know what I have until I download. It would be more "film-like" and force me to think more about each shot.

12 January 2010


Angry Little Man...

Playing with lights, and the little guy from yesterday. How does a lights color, movement, and placement effect the subject.

11 January 2010


Mad Blue Boy

Graphite on Paper.

A little fun drawing today. I brought this guy home with us recently from my parents.
My favorite Fisher Price person was the bald kid, with the green body, but he is now lost, shame...

10 January 2010


Water Tower 1...

I have a fascination with all water towers, and this one near my house in particular. I wouldn't be surprised if it shows up here again.

The angular lines of the legs, and cross-member braces, juxtaposed with the curve of the "bowl" creates an interesting contrast.

Plus I always thought it would be neat to build a house in one.

09 January 2010


Cold Light...

On the porch, playing with our temporary cat. Looking for textures and shadows.

I am trying to limit myself in an attempt to focus my observations.

Just going out to "shoot" isn't productive. I think back to using film, and how selective I needed to be because each shot cost me time, and money (for film, paper, chem...). With digital it is easy to blast out a dozen images that will never make it past downloading... My former professor stated "if you give a monkey enough time and film you will eventually get a pulitzer prize".

I am trying to make better decisions, and observations as I photograph, to observe more intentionally.

08 January 2010


Texture, Pattern, and Light

Playing with the 35mm again.

In the past I shot a lot, and could find interesting subjects, and compositions all around me. Life became busier, and I created less, and seemed to miss "seeing" things.

However, I have noticed (even after only 8 days) that I am becoming more observant, again. Looking at everyday things in a new way.

I find this encouraging.

07 January 2010


A break from painting today. A trip to the grocery store...

I went out to play with our new lens (Nikon 35mm f/1.8G AF-S DX) to see how it worked indoors, in lower light.

I was supposed to be helping with the shopping, but my wife realized before we even walked in that she "would be shopping alone". In my defense it was her idea to take the camera along in the first place...

She said next time she will take a camera alone to photography all the people looking at the nutcase taking pictures of juice bottles, and Mexican food.

39°46'05.20"N 76°40'05.03"W

06 January 2010


The View into Longwood, on the way to Diana's Peak.

Diana's Peak is the highest point on the island of St. Helena at nearly 2700'. Volcanic in origin, and the location of a cloud forest, it was proclaimed a nation park in 1996. The ridge is covered with endemic tree ferns which look as though they are from a dinosaur book, because that is precisely what they are.

It is an amazing hike to the top. When you arrive at the peak you are rewarded with an almost 360° view of the island showing the districts of Sandy Bay (southwest), Levelwood (east) and Longwood (north) meet. You also realize how small and isolated St. Helena is.

Flagstaff and the Barn are see in the distance past Longwood.

This painting is another attempt to escape from the bitter Pennsylvania winter...

I am working more on texture, and basic watercolor techniques today. I am less pleased with this one today. It is a bit plain, pale....but there is always tomorrow.

15.971133° S 5.702105° W

05 January 2010


Fishers Valley: Ruins

This, and yesterdays painting, are from photographs I took on the island of St. Helena in June and July of 2008.

Being in the the southern hemisphere it was winter there during our visit. However, their winter temperatures range from 50°F to 80°F...

I am not a big fan of the cold, so these images let me escape to that warm sub-tropical island "winter", and are a way for me re-explore this wonderfully unique island.

15.954917°S 5.679952°W

04 January 2010


Watercolor 6"x4".

A view of the Golf Course in Longwood.

The windswept field with the bent trees in the distance.

I like the sky.

15.950983S 5.679528W

03 January 2010



I went out today to shoot, it was 19°. I much prefer 68° and mostly sunny.

Finding time and having the discipline to create on a daily basis may be hard, but that is the point of this.

I started taking shots of a tiny wooden house in the snow. Laying in the road, wandering about, crouching next to snow banks. Wandering around looking at roof's and the sky....

In the end I liked the textures, and light I found at our door post.

02 January 2010


More portrait photography today....

I am not normally focused on people, but I figured for the first image I would include a picture of myself.

Today, we were putting down a sheet of plastic to protect the floor and I found the texture, and translucency quite appealing.

01 January 2010


the beginning of an experiment, to be creative on a daily basis.

39°22'31.14"N 76°27'41.23"W