31 January 2010



Light, shadow, and color.

I have been contemplating doing a series of "restricted" images. Limiting the setting of the photos in order to force me to explore my environment more carefully. Perhaps creating three images in each of the rooms of our house. That would be 11 rooms, including attic and basement (excluding hallways). I'm not sure yet though....


  1. This photograph is really alive, surprisingly so for the little it contains...it is very exciting!

  2. Thanks Claire,
    I tried some with my son's shadow in the same window (after I took this) but kept coming back to this one (my first shot) because it was so dynamic.

  3. Again - graphic so of course it appeals to me. Very different than your paintings. I feel like my drawings and my jewelry look alike but you seem to work quite differently depending on the medium.

  4. I love the way you capture color so that it appears to be a manipulation. This almost resembles a lithograph. By the way, include hallways, ;^P

  5. Hi Lynn,
    It does almost appear to be manipulation. Sometimes I will adjust contrast, or white balance, or saturation a little to make the scene more of what I actually saw. However, with this, it was straight off the camera.