31 August 2010



I went out to play with contrasts between different types of light this evening. I am hoping to find more ways to mix natural and artificial light and to record the effects of their interaction.

30 August 2010


self portrait

I wanted to create a portrait that captured the feeling of my day... tomorrow begins a new school year, and today was very hectic.

29 August 2010



Action shots today, from Benjamin's soccer game. Unfortunately they lost, but they had a lot of fun.

28 August 2010


clear sky

27 August 2010


looking up

Dappled light, texture and pattern... a reoccurring theme...

26 August 2010


on the steps

A little series today that reminds me of autumn. It is my first day back to school, and it makes me think summer is fading quickly.

25 August 2010


no photography

We went to the American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore today. I have never been in a museum that had a sign posted saying "No Photography: Or Else". I can understand "No Flash" for the sake of the art, but no photography at all seems wrong. Plus in the words of Genevieve it was "crazy expensive". However, the kids liked it.

24 August 2010


more stella

I think I have come up with a display prototype for my pierced metal images, now I am working on the resolution. This image is 9"x12" and had almost 4800 holes in it. It use's 10 different "values" to create the image.

I am now working to balance the contrast, image clarity, and details buy adjusting the amount of values I use. I selected this image because it has a nice tonal range, and an average amount of contrast. Next I plan to reduce the range of values used to see how that effects the contrast and detail.

23 August 2010



Sometimes I think Genevieve must feel I am a bit off. I stop the car, back up, or drive erratically just to get a shot (not that I drive and shoot at the same time...).

22 August 2010


good doggie

Complementary colours and contrast attract my attention. I like the warm back-lighting on Isabel's head.

21 August 2010


stella revisited

I spent a good portion of the day coming up with a way to display my pierced metal images. I don't know if it counts as "art" but it is part of the creative process I have to go through to show this work.

I am not sure I am happy so far.

20 August 2010


stone shadow

How simple can a photograph be and still be interesting. I enjoy trying to minimize my image content, and compositions.

19 August 2010


the river

Went down to the river today for a picnic. The light was quite wonderful.


big and green

On our way home I saw this caterpillar crossing the road, we went back to fetch him/her home for the kids to see. For a bug it seemed intelligent. It figured out where the top of the bug-box was and tried diligently to open it, bending double and pushing as well as grabbing it the lid with its mouth.

I think it is a type of hawk/hummingbird moth larvae.



We had breakfast at chick and ruth's deli. It has good food, and was fast.

This was an impulse shot, and I enjoy that you cannot see the faces.


sky and sails

Genevieve and I went to Annapolis for a few days, and took a sailboat cruise. I like the curves and lines created by the sails and rigging.

15 August 2010


looking up

I enjoy odd angle, and choices of perspective.

We will be away for a few days, so I won't be able to post again until Wednesday. However, I plan to keep working.

14 August 2010



I had a nice shot of ham and cheese to post, but Genevieve liked this shot better.

13 August 2010


blue cougar

I find it interesting to see how different people prioritize things in their lives. People getting new cell phones every few months, new computers, tv's games etc.

And here is my daughters newest purchase...

12 August 2010


leaves of green

A triptych today of rain and wet leaves. I have been enjoying using a small depth of field lately.

11 August 2010



Texture and color working together nicely.

10 August 2010


after the party

Today was Sam's birthday. I took many "tourist/dad" shots at the aquarium, and party. However, I like this aftermath shot.

09 August 2010


white out

I like alternative light sources, this time it is an hand-held flash.

08 August 2010


antique vase

I am trying to be in a better mood than yesterday, I hope the image I made reflects it.

07 August 2010


my face among them...

06 August 2010


the beach ball

We went to Calvert Cliffs State Park, Maryland today. A nice little beach, with the hope of finding fossilized shark teeth.

Plus a really bright beach ball.

05 August 2010


the many faces of stella

I did a series of test images to decide the best compromise between detail, value, and contrast for my upcoming series.

The original portrait has a wide range of values, and details, and now I am just trying to figure out the best method to render it.

I guess I could call it non-chemical/analog photography.

04 August 2010


organic flash

I have been waiting for a nice lightning storm to take some shots. I love the coolness of the lightning.

It creates a rather stark image, most appropriate as Ema just visited Emily Dickinson house.

03 August 2010



I attempted to create an image based on yesterdays photo... spent several hours working on it, and it was a complete mess. I guess that is how we learn.

I got supplies for my pixel/dot images today, so tomorrow I plan to make a prototype....

For today, 1884 was a very good year (in my opinion).

02 August 2010


the heiress: 1

I plan to do several images based on this portrait.

I am working on reinterpreting how photographic images are translated to a "viewable" format.

01 August 2010


happy day

I was trying not to get a typical b-day party photo, but still wanted to capture the feeling of the day...