31 May 2010


My wife Genevieve was working on some of her wonderful jewerlery today in the dining room because the attic/studio is too hot. I caught a little of her "magic"


30 May 2010


porch lines

Patterns, textures and lines converge.

29 May 2010


yellow - not red

I heard and interview with Alfred Molina the star of Red, John Logan's drama about 20th-century abstract impressionist painter Mark Rothko, and decided to try another intense "color" photograph. Unfortunately, I only was able to hear part of the interview, and didn't catch the name of the play until after I had taken this photo...

28 May 2010



A continuation of the soft focus idea. However, I find I like it more with just a bit of something in focus.

27 May 2010


can you see the eye

Another grid experiment. This is pierced aluminum. I think I might try to do this bigger.

26 May 2010



More "found" art. Again cleaning out my sink after a project using cool colors. This time with embellishments.

25 May 2010


monumental dandelion

A contrast of clouds and parachute/fuzzies. I like odd perspectives. For some reason it reminds me of a nuclear power plant cooling tower...

24 May 2010



I had a more abstract version of this that I had planned to use, but my daughter said this one was better. I would like to see this, and the previous one printed large (wall sized), to see if it would it have the same environmental/experiential effect of color field paintings.

23 May 2010


blur - rothko

I have always like colorfield paintings. I decided to try my hand at it today. Ok, so it isn't painting, but I think it works...

22 May 2010



I like kids handwriting, it is messy, but earnest.

21 May 2010


happy accident

I was washing up at school today and liked the colors in the sink. I threw a piece of paper in to capture it.

...happy St. Helena Day!!

20 May 2010



This broken down bus is a nice study in texture and pattern. I would also like to do some color studies of it sometime.

19 May 2010



I like the shallow depth of field in this. The texture of the heads of wheat, and the blob forms of the trees are a nice contrast.

18 May 2010



A study in texture, and pattern.

17 May 2010



Life can be so busy and I feel like I am bouncing around doing so many different tasks. Stuff for school, the kids, vacation... but there is always some house chore that needs to be done as well.

It is sometimes comforting to do something mundane. To focus on a simple, repetitive task, to quiet the mind.

16 May 2010


number 1

Our dog got into a nest of bunnies in our back yard, and we took in the two remaining babies for a few days. This is Number 1, he/she was found first and was very cuddly, the next day we found a sibling. They are so cute...

We have had rain, and cold for a few days, so now that that has passed we released the two bunnies outside of town. The boys were glad we picked a place far off of the road, with plenty of clover, wild strawberries, and dandelions.

15 May 2010


evening sky

I was going up to get the boys in bed and noticed this out the window. I like the complimentary colors of the sky and incandescent lighting in the houses.

14 May 2010


friday flowers

Something happy and sunny after all the darkness of the past few days. I really enjoy the soft focus, and wash of color in the background.

13 May 2010


back basement - done

I have finished this round of exploration, photographic portraits of each room in the house. For some reason most of the images are monochrome or black and white... odd. Our house is actually quite colorful.

For some reason this reminds me of Jonah and the whale.

12 May 2010


front basement

Creepy, dirty and dark...

11 May 2010


kitchen - spoons

The last upstairs room in my house portrait project. I like that our kitchen gets used. Even with a large living room and sitting room the kitchen has more people in it, and more conversations (though it is the smaller space and has no real seating). I think I would like a house with a great room/ kitchen. It seems like it would be the "heart" of a house.

But really "home" is just where you and your family happen to be.

10 May 2010


back hall - dark corner

This house project is trying. Only a few more rooms left...

09 May 2010


dining room

Another long exposure, in a very dark room. I made it B&W, because there really wasn't any color anyway.

08 May 2010


living room - feet

The boys eating dinner (tea?) on the living room floor. Samuel asks, "can we eat anywhere", with  "anywhere" meaning in the living room... Though I fear one day I will say yes and he will go climb out onto the porch roof.

07 May 2010


stove room - photograph

We have an odd room. Once it was a kitchen, now it is a room with a woodstove in it. I guess it would be a sitting room, or study, but really it is a walkthrough to the kitchen, dining room and laundry...No matter, we seem to spend a good portion of our time there.

06 May 2010


downstairs hall - gate to the abyss

As a kid we had these type of heat vents in all of the rooms, and I thought that anything that went down there was gone forever (which is essentially true, except for one of my hamsters).

The light on this part of the wall was there for about 5 minutes as afternoon sun streamed down the hill, and into the side window.

05 May 2010



Light pattern texture....seem to be reoccurring themes for me.

04 May 2010


hallway - feet

Moving through the house today. The upstairs hall, and a pair of feet.

03 May 2010



Shape and form...and function.

02 May 2010



Home again, and back to photographing the house. Kind of like making portraits of rooms.

01 May 2010


a different place - ice crystals

We went away for the weekend, which curtails my house exploration project for a day...

This is from the Da Vinci Center in Allentown. A science museum we went to. These are ice crystals seen through two polarizing lens. Quite neat.