13 May 2010


back basement - done

I have finished this round of exploration, photographic portraits of each room in the house. For some reason most of the images are monochrome or black and white... odd. Our house is actually quite colorful.

For some reason this reminds me of Jonah and the whale.


  1. This is unsettling and full of menace...to me, at least. As if there is something happening just outside the frame that you can't see.

  2. I feel like I should add here that your current mood definitely has set a tone for the images that you've captured. Look back through the shots - they've gotten darker as the series progressed.
    Maybe you'll be 'spit upon the shore' soon.

    That being said, this is gorgeously ominous.

    "The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend." Henry Bergson

  3. This has a skeletal/vertebral feel with a 'hiding in the closet' feel. Like the viewer is hiding and there is 'something' beyond the slats of a closet door.