30 June 2010



Patterns and textures...

29 June 2010



Form, shape, value...

28 June 2010


almost equivalent

It has been a crazy couple of days, with little time for artistic thought... but I do like this composition.

27 June 2010


black white grey

26 June 2010


back garden

The sun in our back garden is wonderful in the early evening.

25 June 2010


evening, day lilies

I love to shoot blind sometimes. To point the camera without looking through the viewfinder. I do not think isn't cheating, or less creative, especially if I have a preconceived idea of what I want to begin with. That was the case here. I like the stalks, and the soft focus of the blossoms.

24 June 2010



Is it odd to know where a 1cm. round blue stone came from, or to have carried it half-way round the world? With the world cup being in South Africa I am drawn to recall my short time spent there. This stone came from the beach across from Robben Island, Cape Town, South Africa (33°47'47.00"S 18°27'27.00"E).

23 June 2010



She is smiling... honest.

22 June 2010


flower shadows

I did three different series today, but decided to pick only one for the shot today. This follows in the path of the shadow picture of a few days ago.

21 June 2010



I am attracted to diagonals, and angles...have you noticed.

This is the vacant (decrepit) bar down the street from our house, it's for sale. Ema has visions of it being a gallery/deli/bookstore/market/concert hall/coffee shop. Any takers.....

20 June 2010



I went to shoot some mopeds that were buzzing around town, but the light was bad. I the way up the street I decided to grab this.

I like the complimentary colors.

19 June 2010



I have photographed this field several times so far, each with different heights of wheat...
It is interesting how it has grown and changed as the year has progressed.

18 June 2010



I have always enjoyed taking pictures of shadows. One of my earliest photography series was entitled "shadows and tall trees". I wonder what ever happened to those prints...

17 June 2010



Today we went for berries and got over four gallons worth. I spent a good part of the day cleaning them and taking off tops. Genevieve made strawberry soup, and I froze the rest.... I wish I liked to eat them.

But they do look nice.

16 June 2010



I found a long lost toy yesterday and had to play with it...

I hand held flash unit from a Nickelodeon toy called "Flash Screen". (The toy was eventually canceled due to claims of health hazards with children experiencing seizures due to staring at the flashbulb too much.)... oops...

I don't plan to make anyone have a seizure, but it is fun to be able to control light in new ways.

15 June 2010


the parachute ride

I am looking for another way to display my photographs. Here is another pierced foil image (this time copper). I like the shading effect, which is further enhanced by stepping back from the image. I plan to display this using a light box. The original photograph can be found at on my website.

14 June 2010


kids castle

Up close, with little detail, this could be anything. I like the "monumental" feel I get from it. Maybe it's just me.

13 June 2010


Mr. Masut's bench

This is a bench from my neighbors house far away. As a kid we would go and visit him as he sat under the grape arbor in his garden. Mr. Masut was very kind to all the kids in the neighborhood, sitting there with him on this bench was quiet and peaceful. I need to refinish it this summer, but I like the peeling paint as well.

12 June 2010



I was a bit sluggish today. It is the first day of summer vacation for me (I still have 2 in-service days to go). I did work around the house, helped Samuel with a paper airplane, and worked on my kayak project, but didn't have any creative inspiration. However, we decided to have a fire, and smores, so I decided to shoot a bit. I like the contrast between the orange and blue hues.

11 June 2010


little one

I am trying to do more "people" pictures, so here is an installment.

10 June 2010


feed me!

We found this little guy in the pachysandra under our dogwood tree. Mom was distraught, and unable to find him in the foliage. I put him back in the tree again. Stray cats, bunnies, and now a bird...what is next?

09 June 2010


shadows, plants and...

A view of my daughters dresser top...

08 June 2010


ˈhō- benjamin

I have been exploring the idea of pixel art as a method of displaying my photography, and experimented with pierced aluminum foil again today, but on a bigger scale.

I need to find a method of back-lighting for display.

07 June 2010



"A towel ... is about the most massively useful thing ... any man who can hitch the length and breadth of the galaxy, rough it, slum it, struggle against terrible odds, win through, and still knows where his towel is is clearly a man to be reckoned with."

Oops... I missed  "towel day" 25 May... better late than never.

06 June 2010



My kids don't like to have their photographs taken. However, I think Samuel was ok with this because he realized the exposure was long, and knew it would be blurry...

05 June 2010



Today I spent most of the day moving a relative, so I didn't get much time to "think artistically" (or sit, or stop moving, or....or....) oh well. But when we got home my daughter Ema was diligently writing in her room. I like the color contrasts.

04 June 2010



These are the flowers on the front step of our home. They look a little bedraggled, but are quite pretty.

03 June 2010


orange moon ball

It seems that I like this dog toy more than are dog does...

02 June 2010



Almost another blur photograph today. Summer is coming!

01 June 2010



We went out for our daily walk today and I saw this for the 100th time, but really never noticed it before. I like the organic/geometric contrast between the stalks, and the siding.