27 January 2011


snow - two

What is the minimum that can be photographed, and still be interesting. This was a plan I undertook today. Minimalism in subject, and detail, but still an attempt to engage.



I am not very fond of the snow. In fact I prefer 68° and mostly sunny.



We have a collection of odd things in our house. Plaster heads, shells, fossils, volcanic rock, and a pair of wooden chameleon's. Doesn't everyone have such things.


hand of doom

I think this has a bit of drama, albeit it is simply drying gloves.



However, I prefer to drink tea.



I am back... I haven't been lazy, or forgetful, our computer has been down for repairs, and we have had a bit of sickness, and snow.

This is a time exposure of Isabel, or dog. She really did not want me around with the camera.

21 January 2011


light - trim - texture

Shifting light, and texture caught my eye today. The silhouette of the banister post is almost figurative.



I must admit I am a pack-rat. I pick things up off the trash, enjoy a good dumpster dive, and generally look out for things that might be "useful".

 That is how I came upon this giant Fresnel lens from a defunct overhead projector (I have three). It makes a nice (very big) close up lens. With lovely distortion.

plus on a sunny day you can melt asphalt...



Today is my son Benjamin's birthday. 13...he loves pickles, so that is what I got him as a present.
Here is a favorite lunch recipie from him.

Peanut Butter and Pickle Sandwich

Indgredients: Peanut-Butter, Dill Pickles, Bread
Spread a moderate amount of peanut-butter on one slice of your bread.
Slice pickles into thin, round slices. Place slices on top of peanut butter. Top with second slice of bread.
Beware, do not spread peanut-butter too close to the edge of the bread as the pressure of the pickles pushing down on it can cause it to overflow.

18 January 2011



We finally celebrated Christmas with our neighbors. Either they had someone ill, or we did, or plans, dance, homework, school-work, chores, or something got in the way.

Though I can sometimes be driven to distraction by noise, it was fun to have a houseful of people this evening.

We had cupcakes for dessert. Ava really enjoyed hers.



It is odd how St. Helena has come into my photographs these last two days. While we were there we saw a poinsettia tree 10-12 feet tall (2.5-3 meters). It is amazing that they grow that large, when here they are a seasonal potted plant. Then again I have never seen a dasiey plant that was 15 feet accross and 10 feet tall, except on St. Helena.


baby toes

This is my Christmas present/plant. Fenestraria, known as baby toes, grows all over the drier sections of St. Helena. It is so think in places like Prosperous Bay Plain that is squishes under your feet. The top part is a little window that focus' light into the plant.

15 January 2011


dots - revisited - again

I have been playing with this idea if a physical product from a digital photograph. I have produced several of this image in pierced metal, but have not been very happy with the results when it comes to display. Here is my latest experiment. Spraying ink through the holes, to create a print. This comes out as a negative because that is how I originally envisioned the image. However, I inverted it in the second image to see how it will look if I make the analog as a negative first.

I think I might be on the the right road.

14 January 2011


great great uncle harry

13 January 2011


the basement

Wandering around looking for something to catch my eye, I ended up in the basement again. It looks like something out of a horror film, the holes in the wall, wires, pipes, textured concrete. But honestly, there is nothing nefarious here.

12 January 2011



Wouldn't it be nice to live where it is 68° and mostly sunny? Today was a snow delay for my school, not my kids though as they are home-schooled. My students came in rosy cheeked and a bit tired already from a morning of sledding, and the teachers were tired from shoveling. The purpose of the delay was to be able to get ready for the busses and parents to bring their kiddies to school, but they forgot to plow the steep hill to the school... but it does look pretty.

11 January 2011


turn away

I sometimes wonder why there is a lack of portraits in my work. Maybe it is because everyone I know turns, runs, or yells when I point a camera at them. I think I am getting a complex.

10 January 2011



Ever since we came home from St. Helena in 2008 it seems like our lives have been on a stairway of stress. Once we clear up one thing, something else looms over the horizon, ramping up as we go along. It is strange, wearisome and sometimes frightening. Not being a believer in karma, or a wrathful god, I hope it is training for something further on the horizon.

09 January 2011



I have never been a tremendous fan for jello as a cold desert. I like it as a warm drink when I have a sore throat (is that odd). My favorite jello product was Jell-0-1-2-3 from back in the 70's, but that has been discontinued as near as I can tell.

However, I saw this recipe one day and decided to make it (incidentally my students were learning about Piet Mondrian at the same time....curious).

It was a big hit with the kids.

08 January 2011


little boxes...

Am I the only person who sings Pete Seeger whenever they drive past a housing development that is on a hill?


i don't care if it rains or freeze's...

I have been wanting to photograph the local Nativity scenes. I am not sure if it is because I think they look neat, or bizarre (or both).

06 January 2011



Benjamin's only comment was why are you taking a picture of my feet. When I said because, he just went on with what he was doing. I guess my kids think I am weird.



I have been drawn to contrasts so far this year. Sharp edges, and amorphous forms. I wonder why?

04 January 2011


greenhouses - moving

To continue the "blur" motif, I like being a passenger because it allows me the opportunity to look about. Even in places where I am familiar it is possible to find new things, or to capture an image in a new way.

03 January 2011



I had a great, clear shot ready to go. Nicely focused, good texture, contrast and value...

But creepy, blur won out...

02 January 2011



We set up a winter village under the tree each Christmas. The trees, and houses, are all made of card. Afternoon sun was streaming in this afternoon creating great shadows.

01 January 2011



Many people see the new year as the beginning of something, a cance to start over, to get back on track. I wonder why we wait for New Years Day to START things when the whole point is to get going and do it.

I am as guilty as the next person, but I try to see that I need to be thankful for everyday, and to try to make things better even if it isn't "the day" to start new things.

Why the globe? I don't know. It just felt right, and I needed take a few shots. I tried still, and moving, but really like the dynamic of the half seen blurred images. It reminds me that its a big world, even if you live in a small place.