30 April 2010


3br - lego spaceman

You are a child's plaything....

I like the shallow depth of field in this, and the amorphous colors in the background.

29 April 2010


2br - bed-knob

I like the contrast of the solid foreground image, with that of the amorphous (but somewhat geometric) background. This know used to be completely tarnished, and has gradually become shinier as time goes by.

28 April 2010


1br - dresser top

I am trying to capture the feel of each room (either its use or occupant) with the images I take daily. This is my daughter's room.

27 April 2010


attic steps - books and light

Working my way downstairs for this project. The light was streaming in during the afternoon so I was trying to find an interesting subject.

26 April 2010


attic - imperia

 I am beginning my photograph the house series. Starting at the top, and working my way down. Each day I will shoot in a different room/hall/part of the house.

Today - my wife's pasta machine for polymer clay, and some of her tools. It was dark up there, and I used ambient light. I could have adjusted the white balance, but I like the blue.

25 April 2010



A walk this afternoon took us along this wheat field. It was grey, and dreary. I like the contrast between the wet grass, and the foggy blob trees in the background.

April showers....well we haven't really had much of them so far. I guess it is upsetting to some people by I enjoy hearing thunder coming closer. I wanted to get some shots using lightning as the light source, but the storm doesn't appear to be coming close enough.

24 April 2010



I am planning to convert this 120 roll film camera to 35mm. It should be fun to play with.

23 April 2010


a shrubbery...

I like the texture, and light of this... though my son couldn't figure out what it was to begin with.

22 April 2010


block and bucket

I went out for a little walk today, so thankful that the weather was warm and sunny. The sun was just setting behind the hill we live below, and it was shining on the blocks supporting our boat. I took one shot, and went to adjust the camera, looked up and the sun was gone.

21 April 2010


ben - grid

Yet another experiment in grid/pixels. I figured if I did 2 of my kids, I should do the third as well. This is relaxing to do. I would like to explore this in a bigger level.

20 April 2010



Another experiment in grids/pixels. This time with more squares, but no color. I like to do the repetition of patterns. I find it relaxing.

19 April 2010


morning light

While trying to get ready for work today I noticed the light in the dining room and had to pause to take a shot. It was gone ten minutes later.

Also, I have had a interest in creating some pixelated/grid drawings and paintings and finally did a test one today during my lunch break. Below is my model.

18 April 2010



Rolling hills outside of town. I like how the light is splashing on the new wheat. It looks so smooth and uniform.

17 April 2010



While walking I found this "construction" on the steps of a semi-abandoned building. Leaving me to wonder why it is here, and who made it?

16 April 2010



Looking through a lace curtain I caught a glimpse of my neighbors house, and the mixed up of lines, shapes, and value on the addition. It is architectural buts also graphic.

15 April 2010


three little birds

Another hipshot/candid. This from our local (homemade) ice cream shop, Bonkeys.

14 April 2010



Fog in our back yard, it reminded me of "Close Encounters"... and I have a little bit of a phobia about alien abduction. I like the mix of different light sources, it is a normally banal scene, made quite dramatic. It was a nice "find".

13 April 2010



A hip shot reflection...I like the "found object" aspect of shooting without "looking" sometimes.

12 April 2010


dogwood blossoms

Our dogwood is just beginning to flower. However it would seem that it is not going to have a tremendous amount of blossoms this year. The high heat last week, followed by a cold snap seems to have effected many plant...climate change?

11 April 2010



One little cookie balanced on my finger. My biggest fear was that it would fall into the pachysandra.

10 April 2010



Not a real interesting photo, but one I have been thinking about taking for awhile. These killdeer nest near our local library, but they remind me of Charadrius sanctaehelenae, the  St. Helena Wirebird. I saw some of them when we were there, and these killdeer acted similarly. Making noise, flying, and trying to lure me away from their nest.

The real wirebird...

09 April 2010


jar full of moss

I like the layers of color and texture in this image. I think it goes nicely with the blue wall background.

08 April 2010


i can see the wind

I was hoping to get some shots of lightening today, but the storms still haven't arrived. I remember coming back from St. Helena, and hearing thunder again after three months, and sitting in amazement of the sound. I guess that is how I also feel now in anticipation for spring, after the seasonal lapse from stormy weather.

I guess I am a little disappointed that all we had was wind.

07 April 2010



Unseasonable warm today...I prefer 68° and mostly sunny. I wanted to catch spring, but found the leaf and stem more interesting then the flower....everyone knows what the flower looks like anyway.

06 April 2010



We have been finding many bones lately. Yesterday a skull, today a backbone (squirrel I think). The intricacy of the structure is quite fascinating.

05 April 2010



My father in law is an avid gardener, so at then end of the day I went out to shoot his protecting bell jars. It is the closest to a self portrait I have done in a while.

04 April 2010



Easter and I shot pictures of bunnies and eggs, but didn't like them much. Plus I was down because my normal lens seems to be broken. I fell friday, and must have bumped it (though it worked fine at the wedding). Oh well, I guess it needs to go back to nikon for repair. Shame.

03 April 2010


megan and her dad

My daughter had a wedding to shoot today, and I was her assistant. I shot from the balcony for some crowd shots, and had some fun with long exposures. Congratulations Megan and JP!

02 April 2010


gunpowder river, md

We went for a walk today and had a wonderful time. The trees do not have leaves yet, but the shrubs are a striking green. It is an odd contrast.

01 April 2010




light poles

A wonderful day.