28 February 2010



Looking for symmetry today. This is a cupboard I look at many times a day. It is nice to find beauty, and interest in everyday items. Trying to find the unusual in the commonplace makes me appreciate my surroundings more.

27 February 2010


car park

We went to Baltimore today, and I have some lovely pictures of the city skyline, architecture, and crowds shots, but I like this view of the parking garage best.

The color, and contrast between the wall, and background made the image jump out at me, more then the quite "pedestrian" images of the city I shot.

26 February 2010


just because

We went to Harrisburg to take Genevieve's latest work to the Radius Gallery, at the PA State Museum. She is the featured artist in March! On the way home I was stopped at a very long red light, and had to take a picture of this....

25 February 2010


light - dining room

I wanted to see what I can do with very long exposures, and to see how it effects the color, tone, and quality of the image. This is a five minute exposure. I am surprised at the detail, and various colors that have come out. I could have tried longer exposures, but my finger was getting tired.

24 February 2010



I could not decide which image to show today, so I am breaking from recent tradition and posting a bunch of images.

I was experimenting with how the light hits the object (angle, duration, direction) to see how it affected the images.

23 February 2010


swirly tray - old donuts

We went out shopping, and I was looking for color, and interesting lighting. I have always coveted these bakery trays at our local market. They must be thirty years old or more. The donuts looked sad.

22 February 2010


line and basic form

These simple wooden models are interesting to place about, and see how the light reacts to and is  captured by the camera.

I also did a portrait, but it looked to pearly dewdrop drops-ish....

21 February 2010


branches lines

I only took one shot today. I wasn't in a very good mood to do anything, and this just happened to jump out at me as genevieve and I were out on a walk.

I like the juxtaposition of the bead-boards with the branches/ shadows.

20 February 2010



I went for a little walk today, to be out in the sun, and the slightly warmer weather. Looking for signs of melting.

19 February 2010


portraits - sun

A change from the previous days series.

We got a letter from Charles today, and the light was shining on he and his sister Maisies' photograph, so I had to take a picture of their picture.

18 February 2010


electric daughter

I am having fun exploring the almost painterly/drawing aspects of this technique. Other then changing to black and white, there is no manipulation of the image. I had been told in the past that if I was interested in using "alternative" techniques of shooting or processing,  then I should use more then one at a time...

I am not sure where such arbitrary rules come from, but sometimes I think they are just whimsy on the part of the "instructor" that act as barriers to creativity.

Tomorrow I will have a photograph in the Yellow Wall Gallery Show "Summer in Winter: A Visual Escape"
Opening Reception & Luau Party: February 19, 2010 6pm - 10pm

17 February 2010


blur boy

My younger son was the semi-willing model for this Baconesque image today (not that I was initially aiming for that). I wanted to explore this process a bit more. The image is made, rather then captured. I like the contrast of the textures, and gesture of the lines, though it is a bit creepy.

16 February 2010


electric crab

We found a home for the stray cat "bobcat" we have been taking care of today. As a consolation we went to get two hermit crabs this evening, and I tried the laser effect on them.

I think he is smiling....

15 February 2010



I like juxtaposing contrasts. Organic/synthetic, light/dark, smooth/rough, warm/cold, vibrant/dull.

The boys had a friend over for a movie, and snacks seemed in order. We had an ancient package of jiffy-pop© and I decided to try it tonight. So this seemed a natural place to start looking for imagery today.

14 February 2010



Something warm today.

Though it is not warm outside.

13 February 2010


electric boy 3

Painting with light, and the little guy. I wanted to try and get a topographical effect with this, but found the abstract qualities of the light fun zip about with.

I plan to try a series of this with other objects in the near future.

12 February 2010


icicle's in the morning

The light that streams across our back yard in the morning is amazing. Glistening off the snow, and ice on the side of our house. I like the contrast between the blue sky and reflections, and the yellow/tan of the house.

11 February 2010


Life, the Universe, and Everything

A close up of Isabel, our larger subservient quadruped. We also have Bob-Cat, a stray we are trying to find a home for (anyone want a nice "Maine Coon" cat?).

From an art perspective I have been pretty dry lately. The greyness and snow, and spending hours shoveling has been draining.

Plus I offended Bobcat and she hid under our neighbors porch for a day, which caused great concern.

Tomorrow I am off AGAIN...so I will try to go out strive to do more.

10 February 2010


cold little bird

Blizzard number two...

09 February 2010


I waited patiently...

I have been looking for more color. I found a little today.

08 February 2010


more snow

I went back and looked at the previous days postings, and realized that I have not had much color lately. It is grey, and snowy here. So I decided to make an embossed abstract aceo, that was bright and colorful.

I randomly started with three dots, and then added some lines around them...

After a few minutes I realize that I made snowflakes. UGH! I can't escape them. Perhaps it is because we had a two hour delay today, and there is supposed to be more snow tomorrow (and Wednesday) that I have snow on the brain. Or perhaps it is because in every class today someone asked about the weather, and/or if we would have off more days this week...

Oh to be somewhere that is 68°F and mostly sunny.

A side note: I will have a photograph in a group show in Harrisburg.
The show is called "Summer in Winter: A Visual Escape".
It is at the Midtown Scholar Bookstore's "Yellow Wall Gallery"
1302 N. 3rd St.
Harrisburg, PA, USA 17102

The opening is Friday, February 19, 2010
6:00pm - until 10:00pm

07 February 2010


sinking in the snow

I made it out today, after hours of digging over two days, so I went looking for things to shoot while driving about.

06 February 2010



We got over eighteen inches of snow today (maybe close to two feet- 45-60cm). I went out to shovel, and took a break to shoot a little.

I like looking for untouched areas of snow to photograph. They look like miniature worlds.

05 February 2010


grey - lines

The view out one of our downstairs windows.

I've been teaching some of my students about value this week (shading and tint, not economics), which has made me look more closely at how light effect my surroundings. I went looking for a variety of values, and patterns to show value. I am starting to see in black and white again. Something I did much more when I shot b&w film.

The original did not have much color, a slight cream color to the ceiling, and a blueish tint to the neighbors house.

04 February 2010



I am cutting down the number of images I shoot on a daily basis quite unintentionally (3 today).
I wander about and try to find something that works.

Today this fits my mood...

03 February 2010



I like playing with shapes, and contrast, if you haven't noticed. Organic vs Geometric shapes, textures, colors. I noticed that blogger seems to make the images appear flat with less contrast and less saturated. I wonder if anyone else has noticed this. It might be a problem of when it converts from DNG/RAW to jpg, or is it just in my head....

02 February 2010


mighty little man...

Does this count as portraiture?

01 February 2010



I was once told by a teacher that the first color photograph of a sunset was taken in 1903, and he didn't wat to see another one.....as an impressionable student, my first reaction was to create a series that was ALL sunsets. Now I just enjoy a nice sunset when I can.