18 February 2010


electric daughter

I am having fun exploring the almost painterly/drawing aspects of this technique. Other then changing to black and white, there is no manipulation of the image. I had been told in the past that if I was interested in using "alternative" techniques of shooting or processing,  then I should use more then one at a time...

I am not sure where such arbitrary rules come from, but sometimes I think they are just whimsy on the part of the "instructor" that act as barriers to creativity.

Tomorrow I will have a photograph in the Yellow Wall Gallery Show "Summer in Winter: A Visual Escape"
Opening Reception & Luau Party: February 19, 2010 6pm - 10pm


  1. The only rule in art is that there are no rules.

    (Who was this person? The same person who told Van Gogh he would never sell a painting because he didn't follow the rules?)

    When someone says something like that they are speaking out of their own limitations. NEVER let someone's baggage restrict your imagination.

    These new images are exciting.

  2. how wonderful for you... these images have so much energy & the effect is incredible - how one's eye moves between the 2d & 3d... i think of relief sculpture with controlled graffiti - your daughter looks like she has wings... but moreso, it seems to show how her life force enters the world... lots to look at and think about ~
    by the way, i wandered over from your wife's blog...

  3. Thanks Mairedodd for wandering over...
    I am glad you like it.
    I think it looks like a contour map in some ways, or graffiti but with energy instead of paint...

  4. This is so very wonderful! Quiet underneath with a façade of energy.

    You often mention this particular instructor... I recall a certain strong personality and many similar 'instructions'. LOL

    I think it was just his way of stretching 'lazy' students. Once you're out in the art world on your own you can set your own rules.