06 January 2010


The View into Longwood, on the way to Diana's Peak.

Diana's Peak is the highest point on the island of St. Helena at nearly 2700'. Volcanic in origin, and the location of a cloud forest, it was proclaimed a nation park in 1996. The ridge is covered with endemic tree ferns which look as though they are from a dinosaur book, because that is precisely what they are.

It is an amazing hike to the top. When you arrive at the peak you are rewarded with an almost 360° view of the island showing the districts of Sandy Bay (southwest), Levelwood (east) and Longwood (north) meet. You also realize how small and isolated St. Helena is.

Flagstaff and the Barn are see in the distance past Longwood.

This painting is another attempt to escape from the bitter Pennsylvania winter...

I am working more on texture, and basic watercolor techniques today. I am less pleased with this one today. It is a bit plain, pale....but there is always tomorrow.

15.971133° S 5.702105° W

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