13 January 2010


The Little Houses - Evening

I originally wanted to do a drawing of these little wooden houses, and trees. However, I liked the light coming in the front window and decided to photograph instead. It wasn't strong light, but had a nice tone to it.

Plus I got to play with the new 35mm lens, and decided to add some grain by increasing the ISO.

With film I would like to have shot E6, push processed with C41 to change the color saturation. With digital I could mess about with saturation, and color settings to get a similar effect. However, I don't really like to play that way. It seems too easy, and there is no "surprise" when you make the contact sheet to see what you get (as there was with film).

One thing I may start doing is limiting the number of shots I make per session, and turning off the preview on the LCD. Then I won't really know what I have until I download. It would be more "film-like" and force me to think more about each shot.

1 comment:

  1. I like the effect with the little wooden house. (I think we had a set similar to that!)

    I also like the idea of turning off the LCD. It was really fun to develop the film and see w hat came out... although it did bite when something went wrong and the film was ruined....

    One of the great things about film cameras (IMHO), was the 'mistakes' that were printed. Now with digital, everyone edits. So many cool 'errors' are never seen.