31 December 2010


steps - what's next

This is the end of year one for my little experiment.

My plan is to continue into the new year, but I want to incorporate more writing, and different kinds of media. I ended up focusing on primarily on photography (which is what I prefer to do), however I feel that I wish to develop, and explore, drawing and painting more. The constraint of "one day" art work necessitates that the works be smaller, experimental and more immediate, but I think they will be valuable nonetheless.

I would like my work to continue to grow, and be valuable to people. I am pulled back to wanting to do something for the people of St. Helena on a daily basis. Our visit there in 2008 is still resonating with all the members of our family, and I would like to find some way to repay the kindness we felt there, and to tell the story of the wonderful people we met. However, I don't have the money to get there and do all the things we dream of doing to help.

I have created a movie slide show of all the images created over the past year to review what I have done so far. If you missed any, now is a chance to see them all in less than two minutes, just click HERE.

I am also featured on makesomething365 today. This is the companion site for the new book 365: A Daily Creativity Journal from Noah Scalin creator of Skull-A-Day. It's a place to be get inspired and to inspire others to create a daily project!

Thanks Noah!

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  1. congratulations finishing your whole year! that's got to feel really great. i'm just starting my project as a result of noah's book, so i'm sure i'll be cruising by for inspiration from time to time.

    happy new year and good luck in 2011!